Fuji Xerox Launches Wide-Format Monochrome Multifunction Device Lineup to Improve Usability in Engineering and Construction Industries

DocuWide® 6057/3037 Series Offers 1.4x Faster Printing and High Print Resolution of 1200 dpi

SINGAPORE, February 22, 2018 – Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will begin its regional launch of five models of the DocuWide 6057/3037 series, A0 monochrome multifunction devices with enhanced print speeds and resolution. The new series aims to help enhance workflows and output for industries such as architecture, engineering and construction, which require fast, high quality and multi-site printing operations.

The new series features a secondary Ethernet port that enables shared usage between two different networks, such as an intra company network and a separate network for guest users. Users can securely access the DocuWide 6057/3037 series from their mobile PCs with the option of specifying a device in a different physical location. By enabling secure printing and scanning at external premises, the new wide-format series brings forth a more flexible and efficient manner of working.

The series is among Fuji Xerox’s first A0 multifunction devices to adopt the EA-Eco LGK toner – an advanced energy-saving black toner with a matte finish that is gentle to the eyes and yet offers clear visibility. Combined with faster printing speeds of 1.4 timesNote 1 compared to previous models, and an increased print resolution, from 600 dots per inch (dpi) to 1,200 dpi, users’ work quality is elevated with accurate design reproduction and vibrant output. The feature improvements enhance reproduction of fine lines and circular arcs, which will be advantageous for architectural design printing and design output from various computer-aided detection systems frequently used by engineering fields such as production, construction, and facility implementation.

<Dual Network Usage>
DocuWide 6057 MF (Model-4R)
The device can be connected to two separate networks.
Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2 are not connected, ensuring information security.
Ethernet 2 can be allocated to a network dedicated to printing operations only.

[Other Functional Enhancements]

Color scanning functionsNote 2 have also been improved. Users can now check scanned images on the control panel, and delete notes and remarks in red ink on design documents while scanning and copying, before storing pre and post amended documents for archival purposes. Furthermore, Fuji Xerox’s exclusive Multiple Transmission function allows users to store scanned images in PC folders and simultaneously print them out either on an A0 multifunction device, or an office multifunction device, depending on the print size and color/monochrome. The series supports not only wide-format roll paper but also cut sheet paper of different sizes—A3, B4, and A4. For easy collection, the paper output tray is at the front of the device. These new features help simplify users’ daily tasks and improve productivity.

Note 1:
Printing speed difference between new model DocuWide 3037 and previous model DocuWide 3035 in A1 size:
DocuWide 3037: 7.0 pages per minute (ppm) for A1 horizontal and 5.0 ppm for A1 vertical.
DocuWide 6057: 9.7 ppm for A1 horizontal and 7.0 ppm for A1 vertical.
Note 2:
The color scanning function is available on the DocuWide 6057 series as standard, and as an option on the DocuWide 3037 series.


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