Fuji Xerox New A3 Color Multifunction Device Supports Diverse Workstyles of Small Businesses

DocuCentre SC2022 Offers Cloud and Mobile Connectivity, Intuitive Operability and Enhanced Functionalities

DocuCenter SC2022

SINGAPORE, May 8, 2018 — Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has launched its new A3 color multifunction device, DocuCentre SC2022 in the Asia Pacific region. Customized for ease of operability with enhanced functionality, it is designed to enable small businesses to adopt a diverse range of workstyles to drive their business in this fast-paced mobile age.

Featuring an adjustable color screen touch panel with intuitive user interface, the DocuCentre SC2022 offers affordable connectivity to a variety of cloud services Note 1 through the Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub platform Note 2. This helps minimize location constraints to deliver flexible and diverse workstyles for increasingly mobile businesses.

User intuitive operability

The color screen touch panel uses easy-to-understand icons and colors for an intuitive user interface. Additionally, the touch screen is customizable where frequently used functions and settings can be saved as icons on the panel, allowing users to execute operations in a time-efficient manner.

Connectivity with mobile/cloud services

Wireless LAN Kit Note 3 offers a feature of direct printing from iOS and AndroidTM devices that can lighten network traffic and propel task performance. The NFC function Note 4 enables users to print by simply passing their AndroidTM devices over the NFC symbol on the DocuCentre SC2022 operation panel. These functions allow guests to print documents without connecting to a corporate network.

In addition, Cloud Service Hub enables access to scanned document data in various cloud storage services via mobile devices so that users can check scanned documents and share data among remote locations.

High-quality printing performance

Fuji Xerox’s digital Image Registration Control Technology (IReCT®) corrects color misregistration at high resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi while the edge-enhancement technology smooths out jagged edges of characters. These features, previously only available in high-end models, deliver high-quality image reproduction with precision and less color misregistration.

Printing from and saving to a USB flash drive

USB Memory Kit Note 3 allows users to print out data stored in a USB flash drive or store scanned document data directly from DocuCentre SC2022 to a USB flash drive. This feature streamlines work processes with no need for computer access.

Supporting various scanning methods

DocuCentre SC2022 supports network scanning (SMB/FTP Note 5), which allows scanned document data to be saved directly on a computer or server via network and attached directly to an email. Also, it offers WSD Note 6 scanning, which sends scanned data to any computers connected to the device. These scanning methods enable immediate transmission of data — streamlining document storing and sharing.

Secure document handling

DocuCentre SC2022 offers enhanced printer security functions to secure document handling. Print and fax documents are accumulated and will only be printed or transmitted when users enter a password at the device. If a user never enters a password into the device, the print job will not be executed. This not only prevents confidential documents from being left unattended or misappropriated, it also reduces waste by eliminating accidental or unnecessary printing.

Note 1:
Fuji Xerox Working Folder, Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™, OneDrive®, SharePoint® Online
Note 2:
Separate subscription to the Cloud Service Hub is required to obtain connectivity to cloud services.
Note 3:
"Wireless LAN Kit" and "USB Memory Kit" are optional products.
Note 4:
NFC stands for Near Field Communication.
Note 5:
Server Message Block,File Transfer Protocol
Note 6:
Web Services on Device


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