Fuji Xerox Launches 14 Multifunction Printers With Enhanced Security to Help Businesses Work Smarter

ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C Series: Flagship Models to Support Smart Work in Offices

SINGAPORE, November 23, 2018 - Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd announces its Asia Pacific launch of 14 new models of digital color multifunction printers: the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series. Based on the Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway Note 1 concept, these new series offer enhanced security, basic features and design to support the flexible and diversified working styles of businesses for improved performance.

Intuitiveness Simplified

       ApeosPort-VII C5573

This ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series offer enhanced basic features and design for easy use.

  • The 10.1-inch control panel can be tapped and swiped just like a smartphone with the improved intuitive user interface.
  • The paper trays have an easy-to-operate retraction mechanism that allows them to be opened and closed quietly when replenishing paper.
  • Lights and sounds from the printer alert users about job progress and confidential documents left behind to help prevent information leakages.

360° Data Security

To comply with new international standards for data privacy and device protection, the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series offer enhanced security functions for both hardware and software with expansive network communications. Each multifunction printer can be connected to two disassociated networks, enabling the user to separate communications, delivering data security within the office.

Carefree Printer Management

The new ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series incorporate a host of services that deliver key operating information such as pre-emptive alerts, usage data and required resources. These assist users mitigate downtime, maximize productivity and thus increase operating margin.

Connect on Demand

Coinciding with the launch of the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series, Fuji Xerox has expanded its software and cloud services line-up Note 2 to help businesses work smarter.

  • Print anywhere
    The Cloud On-Demand Print Note 3 service allows the user to print from Fuji Xerox multifunction printers anywhere and anytime. A maximum of 3,000 printers can be used by a maximum of 30,000 registered users – especially beneficial for larger organizations.
    Azure Active Directory authentication now enables interfacing with the Microsoft cloud services OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
  • Document workflow that promotes the use of digital documents
    DocuWorks Tray 2 allows digital documents to be delivered through the document tray; facilitating the design of business workflows and the utilization of digital documents.
    Fuji Xerox owned cloud document management service, Working Folder Note 4 now enables unregistered users to send documents – making the exchange of documents with external business partners convenient.
  • Connectivity with the user’s current cloud platform
    Cloud Service Hub connects multifunction printers with cloud storage services from various vendors using a single interface. With the Cloud Service Hub, optical character recognition (OCR) performed when the user scans and stores a new document allows the user to search for files across several cloud storage services on the single interface.
    ApeosWare Management Suite 2 Note 5 allows scanned documents to be saved to OneDrive for Business.
  • Device and cost management
    Device Log Service is a cloud service that aggregates data about multifunction printer usage via the web. The enhanced features enable data aggregation of up to 1,500 multifunction printers and to automatically import and utilize information on LDAP/ActiveDirectory users – especially beneficial for large organizations.

Note 1:
Smart Work Gateway is a concept by Fuji Xerox that leads office work to a new stage by realizing flexible and diversified working styles so that each business individual can exercise high performance. Smart Work Gateway builds a secure yet open communications environment where people can foster mutual understanding by collaborating with cloud service partners and offering various communication tools tailored to suit each need.
Note 2:
Check the Fuji Xerox website for information on the operating environments and models for which software and services are available.
Note 3:
Cloud On-Demand Print will be available from November 26, 2018.
Note 4:
This function for the Working Folder will be available from late November 2018.
Note 5:
This function for ApeosWare Management Suite 2 will be available from November 26, 2018.


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